steve beasley


Athlete Spotlight: Steve Beasley, Canadian Duathlete

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CP: Steve, how did you get into duathlon?


In the winter of 2013-14 I was recovering from a serious pelvis (Ostetis Pubis) injury and was off running for 8 months. It gave me plenty of time to reflect and I decided that when I did get healthy again I would cut back on my running mileage and supplement my fitness by cycling more. A friend lent me his aluminum road bike and I began riding. Our local triathlon added a Duathlon to their event, so it seemed only natural that I raced. I ended up winning and got hooked!


Our local triathlon added a duathlon, I ended up winning and got hooked!


CP: How long have you been a duathlete and how many races have you done?


It’s only been two years now, I got a late start! I’ve done three sprint duathlon, and I’ve actually only been in two standard length Duathlons, last August in Bracebridge to qualify for 2016 World Championships and then racing in 2016 World Championships in Aviles, Spain.


CP: Which is your favorite discipline and why?


I’m a runner at heart so I’d have to go with that. I do love the bike too. It’s a blast going fast!


CP: What is your greatest accomplishment in Duathlon?


I’d have to say winning the standard length for my age group in Aviles, Spain.


CP: What keeps you motivated when training/racing gets tough?


My number one goal is to be fit and I always try and stay just 3-4 weeks away from getting up to full speed. I absolutely love to train and never like to miss a day of doing “something”. I think that if I ever slack off for a few days that my competition won’t be taking days off. I’m my toughest critic and I’m pretty hard on myself.


I absolutely love to train, and never like to miss a day of doing “something”.


CP: Who in the Duathlon/ Triathlon community inspires you?


Last summer I met Dave Fields and immediately was impressed with his genuine attitude and personality. I’d heard through friends that he was a sort of legend in Duathlon and he just happened to be in my age group. After speaking with him in Bracebridge and then again this year in Spain he continued to impress me with his approach to training and in life.


CP: Tell us a little bit about your story.


I grew up in Southern Ontario and was a hockey player from birth. I played Tier 2 Junior “A” for 5 years but was too small to go any further. I had always run in the summer time to get ready for the hockey season and only made the high school cross country team because not a whole lot of guys tried out.


I began my career with the Ontario Provincial Police at the age of 21 and was thought of as being “odd” when I would go for a run after class at police college. I kept running for fitness in my twenties and then when I was about 30 I started local 10k road races.


I started marathon running in 1984 and have since run 37 marathons and 2 ultras. I first qualified for Boston in 1991 and ran my first Boston in 1992. I had a disastrous race and didn’t run another marathon until I was in my late 40’s. I have since run Boston 11 times and finishing top three in my age group 5 times in the last 10 years.


I began cycling seriously last summer when I bought a carbon road bike and a Cervelo P2C TT bike. I ride most days and rode on a trainer in my basement all winter to keep in shape for Spain.


I started marathon running in 1984 and have since run 37 marathons and 2 ultras.


CP: What is a piece of advice you’d give to a new Duathlete/ Triathlete?


I would say to enjoy their training as much as possible and not put the emphasis on the race results until they have completed several events. Enjoy keeping fit and enjoy the Duathlon community.


Enjoy keeping fit and enjoy the Duathlon community.