Standard Distance

Race the Challenge Penticton Standard Distance Course

Swim - 1.5km

Enter the pristine waters of Okanagan Lake cheered on by the Penticton faithful. A single loop, 1.5 km, wave start swim to and from the sandy Penticton Beach.

Bike - 46.5km

Our Standard Distance bike route is a beautiful trek through vineyards, farmland and lakes. The back side of the course takes in some stunning scenery.

Run - 10.5km

The Challenge Penticton run is always epic. Expect great scenery, enthusiastic crowds and a great finish line.


Awards will be presented to the top 3 in each Age Group for both men and women. The Age Groups are broken down into 5 year categories as follows.

18-24  |  25-29  |  30-34  |  35-39  |  40-44  |  45-49  |  50-54  |  55-59  |  60-64  |  65-69  |  70-74  |  75-79  |  80+


(Maps currently expecting approval by TriBC)

Penticton Race Site

Maps will be available soon.


Maps will be available soon.

Swim Map

half and olympic swim map

Bike Course Map

half and olympic bike map

Run Course map

half and olympic run map

Finish Area Map

Maps will be available soon.

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