Half Relay

Grab some friends, make a relay team!

Swim - 1.9km

You’re starting the show! Enter the pristine waters of Okanagan Lake from sandy Penticton Beach and complete the same course as the solo athletes. Back to dry land you will enter Transition and hand over to your cyclist.

Bike - 90km

Your swimmer has set the standard, it’s your turn to shine. The Half Distance bike route is a beautiful trek through vineyards, farmland and lakes. Put the hammer down all the way back to transition and hand over to your runner.


Run - 21.1km

The pressure’s on you to bring your team home in style. The Challenge Penticton run is always epic. Expect great scenery, enthusiastic crowds and a great finish line.

Team Instructions

Create a NEW Team

To create a NEW relay team you will need to register in the Challenge Penticton registration system called RaceIt (http://challenge-penticton.com/enter/). Before you register a new relay team it is recommended you first search for the team as it may already exist. Select “Join a Relay Team” and click the drop down bar to search existing teams. If your the relay team doesn’t exist, you can create a new relay team by clicking the back button on your browser and select Create a Relay Team.

Step 1: Enter a Team Name

Step 2: Respond to the question, ‘Are you a Team Member?’ (NOTE: The Team Manager does not need to be a member of the Team)

Step 3: Select a Team Division

Step 4: Enter your personal information including which leg of the race you will do. If you are completing 2 legs, select both.

Step 5: Continue through registration including the Charitable Donation Page and the Store. You are not required to donate or purchase any items, select Continue to proceed.

Step 6: Proceed to the checkout page where you will see a “team creation fee” with a total in your checkout cart.

Step 7: Pay for your team. You will then receive a confirmation email along with a team confirmation where you can go back to manage your team. Click on the “manage my team” link in your email. You can also find the link back on the main registration page.

Step 8: Now, on the “team manager page” select Invite Members, Add Members, or Email Members to ensure that you have a complete team.

Note: All Relay Team Members Must be added by July 31st, 2016 at 11:59 PST.

Join an EXISTING Team

If you are joining an existing team, please follow the steps outline below.

Step 1: Get to the registration page In an internet browser of your choice, go HERE

Step 2: Select Join An Existing Team

Step 3: Find your Team and select Join (Note: You will not be able to Join a Team until the original registration has been paid in full).

Step 4: Enter in all of your registration information until you get to the final page.

Step 5: Once at checkout you will be brought to an incomplete page. You are now done.

Step 6: Contact your team captain to inform them you have entered your information and they can accept your registration as complete.

Step 7: You will then receive a confirmation email once team captain has accepted you.


There will be Half Relay awards for first place male team, first place female team and first place mixed team.

Athlete Guide

Athlete Guide - Half Relay

The 2017 Athlete Guides will be released no later than July 1st 2017


(Maps currently expecting approval by TriBC)

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Swim Map

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Bike Course Map

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Finish Area Map

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