Entry Fees – Challenge Penticton 2017

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DATE Individual Aquabike Relay Olympic
Sep 19 – Sep 30 Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out
Oct 1 – Oct 31 Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out
Nov 1 – Nov 30 Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out
Dec 1 – Dec 31 Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out
Jan 1 – Jan 31 Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out
Feb 1 – Feb 29 Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out
Mar 1 – Mar 31 Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out
Apr 1 – Apr 30 $320 $270 $455 $155
May 1 – May 31 $330 $280 $465 $160
Jun 1 – Jul 20 $350 $300 $495 $170


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Deferral, Transfer & Refund Policies

These policies apply to registrants of the 2017 Challenge Penticton Triathlon.

For individuals and relay teams requesting to withdraw their 2017 entry, Challenge Penticton offers the option to defer, or rollover the entry into the 2018 Challenge Penticton Triathlon. Individual registrants (only) may transfer their existing 2017 entry to another athlete. Transfers are not available to relay teams. However, it is possible to replace any relay team member at any time.

Request for a Relay Team transfer must come from the team manager. Individual requests for a rollover or transfer must come from the registered competitor. All requests must be in writing or email to info@challengepenticton.com and must be received before May 30th, 2017.

As organizers and athletes, we understand that circumstances do not always allow for you to proceed with your plans. It is not the intention of the Challenge Penticton (KCMB Events Ltd) to take advantage of anyone’s misfortune or change of plans, but facilitate options that allows you an alternative to a complete loss of entry fee. Challenge Penticton strives to offer you high quality swag and finisher merchandise and great a value event. Entry withdrawals limit our ability to continue offer you great value events into the future. We trust you understand that we do not provide cash refunds, or extend roll-overs and transfers beyond May 30th, 2017, regardless of the reason.

A $75.00 administration fee applies to roll-overs, due upon re-registering for the 2018 race.

A $75.00 administration fee applies to transfers, due when the replacement athlete registers for the 2017 race.

Did you defer entry from 2016 to 2017? Click Here

For questions regarding your 2016 Rollover, contact please EMAIL us.

Athlete Waiver

Please read this acknowledgment, waiver and release from liability carefully before continuing with your online entry:

I understand that competing in Challenge Penticton Triathlon and associated events involves swimming in a lake, cycling, running or walking on public roads and property used by the public. I am aware of the hazards involved. The hazards include but are not limited to vehicle traffic, pedestrians, actions of competitors, spectators, event personnel, weather conditions and my physical and mental state of health. In my judgement I have sufficient competence and experience to participate safely. I certify that I am (or will be) sufficiently trained for participation in these events. I have not been advised by a qualified medical person against competing in these events. Should I be advised by a qualified medical person against competing in these events, prior to the date of competition, I will notify event organizers and withdraw my entries into these events.

In consideration of my acceptance of entry into these TriBC sanctioned events, I agree that Challenge Family GmbH, KCMB Events Ltd, it’s directors, employees, volunteers, members, and sponsors shall not be liable for injuries or loss I might suffer as a result of my participation in these events.

I have read the refund, rollover and transfer policies and as a registrant in Challenge Penticton (or associated events), I verify that I have read and understand the above waiver and above mentioned policies.