Race the Challenge Penticton Aquabike

Swim - 2km


Enter the pristine waters of Okanagan Lake cheered on by the Penticton faithful.  A single loop, 1.9km, wave start swim to and from the sandy Penticton Beach.


Bike - 93km


Our Half Distance bike route is a beautiful trek through vineyards, farmland and lakes. The back side of the course takes in some stunning scenery.


Aquabike Information

What is an Aquabike Race?

Challenge Penticton first introduced the Aquabike category in 2015 and we are excited to offer it again in 2017.
An Aquabike race is just what it sounds like – a swim / bike only event. Athletes will swim and ride the same courses as the long course athletes, but will finish as they enter transition for the second time skipping the run course. Official time will include the swim, transition 1, and the bike.

3 great reasons to try an Aquabike
  1. New to the sport? An Aquabike is a fantastic introduction to triathlon. Get a feel for the long course distance, swimming / riding on course with a group, and transitioning between disciplines.
  2. Training – Are you training for a fall event? This is a great opportunity to get some practical experience before competing in your ‘A’ Race.
  3. Low Impact – Swimming and cycling are both low-impact sports, making them more accessible disciplines to many. If you are unable, or dislike, to run this is the perfect event for you!


Awards will be presented to the top 3 in each Age Group for both men and women. The Age Groups are broken down into 5 year categories as follows.

18-24  |  25-29  |  30-34  |  35-39  |  40-44  |  45-49  |  50-54  |  55-59  |  60-64  |  65-69  |  70-74  |  75-79  |  80+


(Maps currently expecting approval by TriBC)

Penticton Race Site

Maps will be available soon.


Maps will be available soon.

Swim Map


half and olympic swim map


Bike Course Map


half and olympic bike map


Finish Area Map

Maps will be available soon.

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